How to exit to Armenia from Dubai

Tips on how to exit to Armenia from Dubai or the United Arab Emirates

Do you have a new job and need to exit the UAE? Did you come to the UAE on a visit or tourist visa but now need to exit the country? Or are you simply looking for an affordable place to visit close to Dubai or the UAE? Then consider Armenia. With so much to offer at affordable rates, Armenia is an amazing place to visit from Dubai. Read on to find out how to exit to Armenia from Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Check any of the travel agencies in the UAE. Visit their websites, call if they have any promos on offer. Holiday Factory is one great option. Once you have decided which agency is the best to go with, go to their office. I used Century International Travels & Tourism (+9714-2717443) located in Satwa opposite the Big Mosque. If you’re driving, at the big roundabout in Satwa facing Sheikh Zayed Road, turn right. A few meters down the road you will find the Big Mosque on your left. Turn left and you will see Century Travels on your left at the end of the narrow street. Parking can be a bit tricky. Be wary of Asian men trying to sell you spare parts and whatnot. Just be polite and say ‘No’ firmly. They will then leave you alone. Act like you’re not new in the area. Parking is AED2 per hour.

If you go with Century Travels, look for Van and Alma Decena. They are a dynamic aunt-niece duo. They’re very accommodating and efficient. Be sure to bring your visa cancellation paper, copies of your canceled UAE visa, passport (front page) as well as Emirates ID card. Pay the associated amount. They only accept cash so be sure to bring enough cash with you. There is an ATM nearby but I wouldn’t recommend withdrawing from there. It may not be safe. A number of  cases of people being assaulted and/or robbed at ATM machines in the UAE had already been reported.

Photo of how to exit to Armenia from Dubai flydubai sandwich and water bottle, not free of charge

No free food and drinks on flydubai flights to Yerevan. Sandwiches start from AED20.

Once booked they (Century Travel) will prepare your itinerary for you. They’ll give you your flydubai booking, Hostel Yerevan confirmation booking as well as a copy of the Armenia tourist visa application form so you don’t have to queue when you arrive at Yerevan Airport. Be sure to fill this out before you go. Then you’re all set to fly. I booked mine on a Thursday night and I flew the following morning. Yup, that’s how last minute mine was. My visa cancellation was valid until February 28 but I flew on February 3rd itself. I was hoping I didn’t have to but considering my ‘special’ circumstance I decided flying out was the best thing to do for the sake of peace, my own peace mostly. And I’m so glad I did.

If you are exiting, you will be met by someone from your previous company at the airport. They are there to make sure that you leave and to get the stamped copy of your visa cancellation. After checking in and before entering the door through passport control, go to the Dnata office first. They will take one of the visa cancellation papers from you, stamp it and attach it to your passport. Pay the required AED40. Technically this should be paid by your employer. I ended up paying for mine.

Photo of how to exit to Armenia from Dubai getting the suitcases from the carousel at Yerevan Airport

At Yerevan Airport, proceed to the Converse Bank first before going to the visa application section. They do not accept US dollars. Visa cost is 7USD or 3,400AMD more or less. From the exchange rate, proceed to the visa application section (also in the same area). It takes less than five minutes. The Armenian airport staff members are very welcoming and friendly. Well, most of them at least. And then presto, you’re on Armenian soil before you know it.

Be sure to take a photo of your UAE exit stamp and send it to your agency. You can do this while waiting for boarding in Dubai or the minute you arrive in Armenia. The sooner you do this the better so your agency back in Dubai can process your tourist or visit visa asap. Provided you have no pending labor ban or case with the UAE immigration. Some Filipinos get stuck in Armenia or elsewhere for various reasons. Thankfully I had no problem. I arrived in Armenia on a Friday, sent a photo of my exit stamp the following day and got my Dubai tourist visa that Sunday. That’s how fast it was. And that’s how easy it is to exit to Armenia from Dubai/UAE. As for the things you can do in Armenia, that will be covered in my next blog. Look out for it.

Photo of how to exit to Armenia from Dubai - arrival section at Yerevan Airport

Arrival area at Yerevan airport. My agency advised me to look for ‘Century Travel Dubai’ sign. But the driver used my first name (only) and someone else’s. I totally missed it though as his sign was almost hidden. I had to ask among the drivers if they knew anyone from my hostel.

The total cost of a 5-day 4-night exit to Armenia? Between AED1,500 to AED1,900 including return airfare, hostel accommodation for six pax with breakfast and airport transfer. You could possibly get a cheaper rate than this but you will be staying with 7 people in one room. And you have to fly with Air Arabia in Sharjah. This is good if you’re based in Sharjah. But if you’re based in Dubai and the flight is at 7am, you might end up paying the same plus the inconvenience of going to Sharjah before 4am. I’m so grateful I got upgraded to a 2-pax private room with washroom at Yerevan Hostel. I thank God for that.

Photo of how to exit to Armenia from Dubai - arrival lounge at Yerevan Hostel

The welcome lounge at Yerevan Hostel.

Good to know:

Even if you’re not exiting and actually have a valid UAE residency visa, you can still take advantage of these ‘exit’ promos. You just have to pay for the return airfare and you also get a bed and daily breakfast. So if you have a friend who’s exiting, you could actually accompany him/her at such a low rate.

If you come to Armenia during winter, be sure to wear proper snow boots and parka. It’s really cold and the weather can dip to -22 at night. The normal boots you wear in Dubai might work but after a while your toes will hurt. Be sure to bring proper winter gloves too. Ordinary gloves won’t work. Trust me. My fingers hurt every time I removed my gloves. I was already using ski gloves. It’s as if my fingers could freeze within minutes. This, of course, is applicable to those who had never experienced real winter (with snow) before. Otherwise Armenia is thoroughly enjoyable. And if you had always dreamt of frolicking in the snow like me, Armenia is definitely the perfect place to visit.

Photo of how to exit to Armenia from Dubai - Republic Square at Yerevan Hostel

Yerevan Republic Square

If you have a valid UAE residency visa, you can easily cross to Georgia. Most if not all hotels/hostels arrange a border crossing tour. A day trip will do. However if you no longer have a valid UAE residency visa, you will need to apply for the visa to Georgia in advance. This could take up to four days. Once you have it, you can go either by car (private) or you can take the train (371) to Tbilisi. Check for train schedules.

Alternatively you can also visit Jordan or Jerusalem. Check out Touched by an Angel: Lost in Translation in Amman, Jordan or how to travel to Jerusalem from Dubai if you’re a Christian and want to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

How to exit to Armenia from Dubai

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